Faculty of Education

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

Pattern of the admission in B.Ed. is only though On Line Registration on merit basis as declared by me Office of Commissioner. Higher Education. Govt. of Madhya Pradesh.

Duration of the course : The Bachelor of Education course is of one academic year duration i.e. Commissioner from 1″‘of July to 30′of April or for 210 working days.

Eligibility Criteria As Per NCTE regulations

The structure of the B.Ed. course comprises of two parts :

Part-I : Theory

Part-ll : Practical

Part-I : THEORY PAPERS (7 Only)

Paper-I : Teacher in Emerging Indian Society

Paper-ll : Development of Learner and Teaching Learning Process

Paper-lll : Development of Educational System in India

Paper-IV : Essentials of Educational Technology and Management

Paper-V : Methodology ofi teaching First school Subject

(1) Hindi,  (2) English,  (3) Physics,  (4) Chemistry

Paper-VI : Methodology ofi teaching Second school Subject

(1) History,  (2) Civics,  (3) Economics,  (4) Geography,  (5) Mathematics,  (6) Biological Science

Paper-VII: Specialisation (Optional paper)

Additional Specialisation {Any one below)

At present the college offers:

  1. Environmental Education
  2. Educational Administration: Management
  3. Educational and Mental Measurement
  4. Computer Education


I : Teaching of First School Subject – 20 Lesson Plans

II : Teaching of Second School Subject – 20 Lesson Plans

lll : Two Criticism Lessons (one in each subject)

IV : Micro Teaching Plan (05 on each School Subject)

V : Observation of Practice – teaching of peer group (two in each school subject)

VI : Action Research VII : Assignment – Two in each Paper

VIII : (i) One Final Lesson in First School Subject &

(ii) One Final Lesson in Second School Subject (Two Final Lessons}

(iii) Viva—Voce in each Teaching Subject

IX : Craft Work Experience (Any one) – SUPW

(i) Craft – Tailoring 8. Embroidery

(ii) Gardening

(iii) Cooking

X : Any five Psychology Tests

XI : Co-curricular activities and co-operative life.