Bachelor of Business Administration

(B.B.A.) Co-Education


To develop managerial skills and provide an integrated view of the managerial issues and apply them to real life situation. To cultivate foresight regarding implications and consequence of considered action, business acumen, leadership quality and entrepreneurial flair.

Business & Development:

The rapidly emerging global economy has created all sorts of opportunities for businessmen to boost their revenues, drive down their costs and increase their profits. But at the same time it has created a challenge for traditional Indian business managers, who find it difficult to deal with. A business management professional is thus taught to make use of the available resources, human, physical and monetary, in order to achieve the objective with the right perspective thus enhancing the growth of an organization, maintaining flexibility and helping foray ahead, to face all kinds of challenges.

Job Prospects:

  1. Managerial position in Business Houses/ Corporations, Marketing Organizations, Industrial Houses, Manufacturing Companies, Banks, Advertising Agencies, Corporate Hospitals, Multinational Corporations, Export Organizations, Trading Companies, Financial Concerns, Public Sector Enterprises, Hotel & International Development agencies / Non Governmental Organizations.
  2. Consultancy / Self Employment.
  3. Teaching / Research Eligibility. 10 + 2 or equivalent in any stream with minimum 50% aggregate marks.

 B.B.A. Semester – I

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Principles of Accounting
  4. Business Organisation
  5. Principles of Economics-I
  6. Internal Assessment & Viva-Voce

B.B.A. Semester – II

  1. Managerial Communication
  2. Computer Application
  3. Financial Accounting
  4. Elements of Management
  5. Principles of Economics-II
  6. Viva Voce & Internal Assessment

B.B.A. Semester – III

  1. Managerial Economics
  2. Cost Accounting
  3. Personnel Management
  4. Computer Management
  5. Business Statistics
  6. Viva-Voce and Internal Assessment

B.B.A. Semester – IV

  1. Organisational Behaviour
  2. Financial Management
  3. Marketing Management
  4. Economic Legislation (Business & Industrial Law)
  5. Business Environment
  6. Viva-Voce and Internal Assessment

B.B.A. Semester – V

  1. Production & Material Management
  2. Money and Banking Practice
  3. Management Information Systems
  4. Elective (1,2)
  5. Elective (1 ,2)
  6. Project Report & Viva Voce

B.B.A. Semester – VI

  1. Business Policy & Strategic Management
  2. Marketing Research
  3. Elective (3,4)
  4. Elective (3,4)
  5. (a)    Field Study & Report    (b)    Comprehensive

List of Elective Papers


Candidate has to select one elective group only and has to opt two papers of the same elective group only in the V Semester and two papers in the VI Semester of the same elective group.

Group I: Marketing

1.    Marketing Strategy
2.    Consumer Behaviour
3.    Advertisement & Sales Promotion
4.    Sales Management
5.    Product Management

Group II: Human Resource

1.    Human Resource Development
2.    Human Resource Management
3.    Social Psychology
4.    Organisational Development
5.    Management of Change

Group III: Finance

1.    Capital Structure
2.    Financial Control Systems
3.    Management of Working Capital
4.    Management of Long Term Resources
5.    Marketing of Financial Services

Group IV: Production & Operation Management

1.    Production Planning & Management
2.    Management of Technology
3.    Work Study
4.    Value Engineering
5.    Quality Management

Note:    Syllabus is subjected to R.D.V.V. directives.